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How Small Businesses Give Back to the Economy

Small businesses are often called the backbone of our economy. The government normally provides grants and loans to small business owners, and everyone wants to help small businesses in times of crisis. Let’s take a look at why locally owned companies are so important and how small businesses give back to the economy and the … Continued

What Makes a Company Project Successful?

According to Monday.com, a company project is any initiative or program that a company undertakes to achieve a specific goal or objective. These projects can range from large-scale initiatives that affect the entire company to smaller projects that are specific to a particular department or team. Despite their varying scope, each project is critical to … Continued

How Can You Boost Your Business Societally?

The business world is changing, and more companies are taking their impact on society seriously. For example, the corporate social responsibility movement has transformed how businesses operate. Here’s what you can do to make a difference in the world. Go Green Many businesses realize that going green can help make the world better. This movement … Continued

How Your Business Can Provide Positive Economic Change

The label “small business” only describes the relative size of your venture. When it comes to economic impact, these businesses are anything but small. You can generate positive change within your community depending on how you operate your business. Detailed in this article are the different ways your business can affect that positive change. Small … Continued

3 Tips For Small Business Owners

Starting a business comes with inherent risk and that fact is enough to discourage many aspiring entrepreneurs. However, you can manage that risk through careful planning and working with local organizations. In this article, we’ll detail some useful tips that will help you navigate the bumpy road to successful entrepreneurship. 1. Form a Limited Liability … Continued

4 Ways to Harness the Power of Community Engagement

Any small business owner knows the importance of fostering a deep connection with the people they serve. Your business heavily relies on the trust you build with your community, and it’s vital that you make genuine outreach efforts with the tools available to you. Read here to learn about how apt usage of social media … Continued

6 Ways to Bring About Company Growth

Starting a company takes a great deal of work. Even with initial success, you’ll need to work toward further growth. How do you go about this? Here are five of the best ways to bring growth to your organization. 1. Focus on Your Core Business Your core business should be the main focus of your … Continued

What Will Government Access Provide for Your Business?

Running a local business in Detroit can often be challenging. With the city’s high unemployment rate and the ever-increasing competition in the market, business owners need to look for ways to gain a competitive edge. That’s why so many Detroit business owners are turning to government access as a way to increase their businesses’ visibility. … Continued

Can a Strategic Partner Save Your Business?

Working with a strategic partner can be a powerful way to improve your business and make it more effective. For example, according to the Detroit Free Press, Amazon created a strategic partnership with Detroit by investing $400 million in a downtown distribution center that will provide many jobs in the community. Here are a few … Continued

How Can a Business Consultant Benefit You?

If you’re a business owner or an entrepreneur in Detroit, you may wonder how a business consultant could benefit you. The answer is simple; with their experience and expertise, business consultants can help ensure that your business runs smoothly and grows successfully. From helping to identify market trends and opportunities to financial advice, the right … Continued