Your Business Can Ignite Positive Change in Detroit Through Volunteerism

As a business, you have the responsibility of not only developing your region’s economy but also giving back to your community and forming relationships with those you share it with. Let’s take a look at the significant positive change you can make by volunteering in your city.

Employees Love Volunteering

You might think that your employees will not want to take time out of their day to volunteer. According to a recent study by Entrepreneur, 92% of all employees think that volunteering through work develops their teamwork and people skills. As a result, it’s a smart idea for your company to invest in some volunteerism in the Detroit area, as your team will become more synergized and your company will overall streamline their day-to-day operations.

Volunteering Gives Back to a Community

Detroit is one of the oldest cities in the region and has an amazing history of volunteerism. Your organization can contribute to the benefits that the great people of Detroit give and receive from one another. Becoming a reliable source of charity and services will come back to you tenfold.

You Can Choose What You Support

Are you trying to affect positive change in Detroit and don’t know where to begin? That’s the amazing thing about volunteering — there’s so much you can do! Reach out to local organizers and community engagement experts like Activate Detroit to find causes that your company can uplift.

Staying Consistent

It’s crucial to stay consistent in giving back to your community as a business. One tip for keeping up with your volunteer efforts is to hold annual, monthly, or weekly events that are dedicated to giving resources to the people and groups you share the city with. Setting up and organizing a regular platform that helps you engage with other community members will go a long way in making positive change in Detroit.

Contributing to the great city of Detroit with charitable projects and strong relationships is incredibly valuable for your business and the betterment of your community. If your organization would like to achieve long-term goals of volunteerism and economic stimulation, make sure to get in touch with Activate Detroit today! We look forward to learning more about how we can help you improve your engagement with the people.