Company Growth: 3 Characteristics to Look for in New Employees

If you own a business, you need the right people on hand to help you. Anyone serious about company growth looks for certain characteristics in a potential hire. According to Forbes, there will be over 4.7 million more American jobs by 2032. As the American economy expands, you can expect other companies to use certain recruiting criteria. Here’s some insight on what you should look for in your new employees.

1. Experience

Needless to say, the candidate you hire should have adequate experience for the position. Whether the job is entry-level or senior-level, the person should have the right criteria relevant to the job. Even with someone applying for an entry-level position, it’s helpful to consider the transferable skills from a different position or education. Past internships or community service history also paints a picture of what a potential new hire can deliver. When it comes to more senior positions, look at the experience that someone has in their specialties and how long they stayed at that job. Have they left their mark at these other positions by creating innovative products or procedures? Did they leave the role, team, or company in a better position than it was when they came?

2. Enthusiasm

You don’t need someone bouncing off the walls during an interview. However, it’s important to find somebody who has a genuine passion for what they do. The more motivated they are intrinsically, the less likely they need micromanagement. After all, a micromanaged environment isn’t good for anyone. You want to hire someone who enjoys learning and can be self-sufficient to do what’s needed.

3. Trustworthy

Trust can be many things in a job. You may want someone you can trust with valuable items like money, priceless art, and other assets. The recruit should be dependable and transparent. As an organization, it’s crucial that everyone has the same level of understanding regarding the fragility of data, company information, customer information, and additional valuable assets. When you let them into your company doors and give them knowledge, you should trust that they won’t abuse it.

A business owner should always be thinking ahead about company growth. Regardless of how great your products, services, or revenue are, you can’t have them without the right people behind the scenes. If you’re a Detroit business owner unsure how to go about this process, get in touch with our comprehensive economic growth company. The team at Activate Detroit looks forward to learning more about your organization’s goals and providing you with our top-tier services!