A Commitment To Change

At Activate Detroit, we’re more than strategic thought partners and leaders. We’re also firm believers in philanthropy and living the values we bring to our clients. That’s why we provide pro bono work and serve on numerous boards. This commitment also extends to our corporate social responsibility work for our clients. We know the significance of contributing to the community because we do it ourselves.

The O’Hair Park Neighborhood Development project is a prime example. The project team asked us to serve on the steering committee, which we were happy to do, and we continue to support the neighborhood’s annual Back to School events. This, and many other ways we give back to the community, demonstrates that when you work with us and become part of the Activation Network, you become part of the family.


O’Hair Project


Activate partnered with the Boji Group to build a park for the community Boji had identified as an area of town needing access to health and human services. As Boji secured the site of the old Arnold Home retirement community (which had previously been demolished by the city in 2013), Activate led community meetings and provided consultation on permitting, planning and zoning.

The neighbors and residents of the community were empowered to participate in the new development, and a mutually beneficial relationship was established. We were able to interweave the concerns and hopes of the community within our plans for the park. After the park's opening, the Boji Group continues to be active in the community by donating $5000 for programs and supporting yearly Back to School and Halloween events.