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5 Qualities to Look For in a Business Consultant

Are you looking to expand your company? If so, finding an experienced business consultant is a good move! However, you don’t want guidance from just anyone, so here are some qualities to look for. 1. Experience Any business consultant you rely on should have enough experience in the field to properly help you. According to … Continued

The Importance of Working With a Consultation Firm as a Small Business

Small businesses are the backbone of this nation’s economy. According to Boost Suite, 99.6% of companies throughout Michigan are considered small businesses. Starting a small business is a great idea, but it often requires the help of a small business consultation company. These companies can help you dive into the details of running a business … Continued

How Small Businesses Foster Economic Growth

In business, it’s not just large corporations that matter. Small business growth is essential to any economy. After all, competition is good to keep an economy flowing and to offer various services. Read on to see how small businesses continue to foster economic growth. Partnerships Partnerships have always been essential in business. Small businesses can … Continued

What Does a Corporate Land Use Planning Business Do?

If you own or are in charge of a corporation, you understand the value of property and land use. However, you may need professional guidance to optimize your land and its relevant resources for the best purposes. When you enlist the help of a corporate land use planning expert, here’s how they can assist you. … Continued

Can Your Small Business Compete With Large Corporations?

At first glance, small businesses can feel overshadowed and dwarfed in competitive markets dominated by big-name players with massive resources. But with strategic positioning and playing to their strengths, local small businesses can absolutely thrive and successfully compete for customers up against large corporations. Here’s how. Hire a Business Consultant Partnering with an experienced small … Continued

What Do Small Businesses Provide for Their Community?

Small businesses are among the most important entrepreneurial enterprises and can produce very positive change for local communities. According to the Small Business Administration, 99% of the nation’s registered business entities are small businesses, which employ about 46% of workers in the private sector. Let’s examine several of the significant benefits that small businesses provide … Continued

Corporate Value Propositions: How They Define Your Business

The most successful organizations are easily identifiable; from the benefits they provide to their customers and the value they bring to their respective industries. Corporate value propositions are an important piece of a brand’s identity, especially when it’s first starting out. Read here to learn more about creating a corporate value proposition and how a … Continued

How Can Local Organizations Work Together Economically?

It’s beneficial for local organizations to support each other economically, even businesses that otherwise compete. After all, making a neighborhood stronger financially provides positives for everyone and draws in more cash to the area. Here are four ways that you and other organizations can work together to bolster your local economy. 1. Create Neighborhood Fund … Continued

How Can a Small Business in Detroit Succeed?

When it comes to success in Detroit, there’s a lot to know. Every small business has its challenges, and those located in our area are no exception. According to Oberlo, there were 33.2 million small businesses in the US in 2022, comprising an estimated 99.9% of all US businesses. Here are a few tips to … Continued

What Does Community Engagement Do?

There are many benefits that come with community engagement, especially in our area of Metro Detroit. According to Better Accounting, 14.6% of small business owners in the U.S. are people of color, represented by 1.6 million Asian owners, 1.9 million black business owners, and 2.3 million owners of Hispanic heritage. Community engagement seeks to reach … Continued