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Experience Company Growth After Incorporating Community Feedback

There are many aspects to marketing success. One powerful marketing tool is community feedback. According to LinkedIn, 64% of consumers and 80% of business buyers expect companies to respond to their feedback. Customers want connections and personalized experiences with the companies they interact with. They want to feel a sense of community. When marketers attempt … Continued

4 Ways Local Organizations in Detroit Can Make Connections

For local organizations in Detroit, building strong connections in the community is vital for amplifying your mission and impact. According to LinkedIn, companies who are engaged in their community experience a 47% increase in customer satisfaction rates. However, doing outreach and networking effectively takes strategy and finesse. Use these four proven tips to help your … Continued

5 Community Engagement Techniques That Will Get You More Business

Businesses can instantly see growth when they take advantage of strategic opportunities that will help them engage with the community. This can help companies build loyal customer relationships, increase profit, and increase brand awareness. This article will help you discover the best community engagement techniques to help you scale your business. 1. Social Media Campaigns … Continued

What Is an Activation Network for Businesses?

An activation network is a strategic framework for businesses to enhance engagement, build connections, and accelerate goal achievement through coordinated touchpoints and interactions. They are designed to energize the relationships between a business and its customers, partners, and even employees, fostering a more dynamic and interactive environment. Purpose At its core, an activation network refers … Continued

Company Growth: 3 Characteristics to Look for in New Employees

If you own a business, you need the right people on hand to help you. Anyone serious about company growth looks for certain characteristics in a potential hire. According to Forbes, there will be over 4.7 million more American jobs by 2032. As the American economy expands, you can expect other companies to use certain … Continued

Your Business Can Ignite Positive Change in Detroit Through Volunteerism

As a business, you have the responsibility of not only developing your region’s economy but also giving back to your community and forming relationships with those you share it with. Let’s take a look at the significant positive change you can make by volunteering in your city. Employees Love Volunteering You might think that your … Continued

What Can Community Engagement Look Like for Your Small Business?

Building a successful business isn’t all about money, investments, and marketing. A lot of your success as a small business owner will also be based on community engagement and the reputation you wind up building in your city. 91% of entrepreneurs cite that it’s important to engage with people and organizations outside of their business … Continued

Reasons to Hire a Consultant for Business Growth

If you’re a business owner, you want to make sure you’re giving yourself every opportunity to succeed and grow. Sometimes, in order to see this happen, you need to bring in an outside consultant professional. These professionals can offer you crucial advice and guidance to ensure your business reaches its full potential. Let’s look at … Continued

How Entrepreneurs Benefit From Hiring a Community Engagement Consultant

As an entrepreneur looking to grow your business, one of the best things you can do is engage with the local community. Hiring a consultant with this specialty can be a cost-effective way to effectively build community relations and drive brand awareness. Here’s how a professional helps entrepreneurs like you in a number of important … Continued

Techniques You Should Use When Planning a Community Engagement Project

Planning community engagement can be a critical part of your marketing strategy and a vital step toward nailing your business goals. When you aren’t sure how to go about community engagement projects, it can be helpful to bring in consultants, who work 50 to 80 hours per week, according to Runn. These professionals will have … Continued