5 Qualities to Look For in a Business Consultant

Are you looking to expand your company? If so, finding an experienced business consultant is a good move! However, you don’t want guidance from just anyone, so here are some qualities to look for.

1. Experience

Any business consultant you rely on should have enough experience in the field to properly help you. According to IBISWorld, there were 990,911 management consulting businesses in the U.S. as of 2022. With so many consulting businesses available, you’re bound to find one that’s been around for at least a few years and has the references to back it up.

2. Communication

You want a business consultant who can communicate with you well. In other words, they should understand your needs and help guide you in the right direction. You should understand the advice they’re giving you so you can properly solve problems. When it comes to communication, they should have regular consultation meetings with you and always show up on time.

3. Reputation

Your business consultant should have a good reputation. It simply doesn’t make sense to attach yourself to any contractor who has a bad reputation, as that can affect you. It’s a good idea to ask them for references from other clients they’ve helped. The consulting firm may also have testimonials online or be the subject of reviews from other people. They may give candid pros and cons of dealing with them.

4. Honesty

You don’t want a consultant that’s going to try to cheat you or lead you astray. Have confidence they’ll protect your business and any inside information they learn. You should also feel comfortable that they’re giving you honest advice and not trying to sabotage you and your business.

5. Range of Services

As you check out their experience, review the type of services a business consultant can provide for you. Can they help you with land acquisition? Are they able to pair you up with other business partnerships? Can they help form government relations with your company?

Consultation is a big business and not one you should take lightly. You have many options available, so make the right choice for your company’s needs. The best decision you can make is to start with our company. At Activate Detroit, we can help you with land planning, government meetings, and engagements with other businesses. Give us a call today for a consultation.