How Can You Utilize Land Use Planning for Your Business?

Every city and most other local units of government create master plans and enact zoning laws that determine which areas of land can be used in which ways. Some might be for residential, agricultural, or commercial purposes. With nearly 1.4 million new businesses formed in 2021, which is about 400,000 more than in 2019, according to Forbes, here are some tips to help make land use planning work for your business.

Find a Great Location

You can use local land use planning to determine the best location for your business. The location should have ample access to transportation corridors so that customers, goods, and supplies can get to you quickly and easily. You also want a location that is as near as possible to your target market and the consumer base that will make use of the goods or services that you would provide for them when your business is open. The location also should comply with local zoning so that you don’t run into legal problems later.

Access Local Utility Emergency Services

It’s important that your business has access to quality utility services, including water, sewage, and power. Land use planning should make it possible to access those services for your business and reasonably ensure they are stable. You also want emergency services to be located relatively close to your business. Fire, police, and emergency medical services are important to have close by to help manage any sudden problems that unexpectedly occur.

Construct an Ideal Building

If you are going to construct an entirely new building for your business, you need to ensure it abides by local laws. Local land use planning will determine the size and height of the building that you can use for your business. It will also determine the setbacks from roads, waterways, and other local features. You can use local zoning to determine the parameters in which you need to operate when designing and building a place to house your business.

Make Room for Workers and Visitors

It’s important for workers, vendors, and customers to have easy access to your place of business. The local zoning laws will help you to know how large of a parking area you might build and where the points of entry and exit might be located. That information also will help you get goods and supplies in and out as efficiently as possible.

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