Corporate Value Propositions: How They Define Your Business

The most successful organizations are easily identifiable; from the benefits they provide to their customers and the value they bring to their respective industries. Corporate value propositions are an important piece of a brand’s identity, especially when it’s first starting out. Read here to learn more about creating a corporate value proposition and how a great one can benefit your company.

The Clear Benefit to a Well-Written Proposition

Did you know that, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 20% of new businesses fail after two years, 45% in five years, and 65% after 10 years? Those statistics are disheartening, but a well-written business value proposition is a crucial step to creating long-term success. This is more than a witty catchphrase; it’s an all-encompassing statement that establishes the values that the core audience should expect from your organization. If your company is dedicated to providing efficient services, then that needs to be clearly communicated in a proposition. This quality of efficiency should align with the products and services you offer as well.

How This Benefits Your Company

A statement that encapsulates your brand not only helps customers but also helps you focus on various initiatives and resources that support your organization’s claim. A value proposition, once decided on, can act as the thread that connects all your business communications and marketing materials. Just as importantly, it can breed confidence in your team by course correcting in the event that your team loses focus.

Characteristics of a Value Proposition

A value proposition should not contain buzzwords or abstract phrases that cannot be instantly grasped. Focus on a simple but memorable headline. Then, follow this with text that supports the headline. Briefly express what your service provides, why you’re the only suitable service to provide it, and the core benefit that your target audience should expect (efficiency, expertise, friendly assistance, etc). An explanation of what your business offers does not have to be too lengthy, it just needs to be clear, concise, and honest.

That said, we simply can’t stress the importance of using corporate value propositions properly for your company. Contact Activate Detroit today to learn more about the unique ways that our team of professionals can benefit your organization. We’re dedicated to setting your business up for long-term success with your surrounding community.