Can a Business Consultant Bring Your Company Back to Life?

Running a business is full of challenges. According to Investopedia, only 25% of businesses last longer than 15 years. During times of uncertainty, hiring a business consultant may be able to help your organization thrive. There are several ways they can help bring your company back to life.

Objective Assessment

One of the first things that these professionals will do is complete a comprehensive assessment of your business. This includes assessing operations, finances, inventory, and every other aspect of your company. The assessment will help them spot crucial problems that may have been hiding in plain sight.


After the assessment, a business consultant will review any problems that the organization has. For example, the company may be hemorrhaging money on expensive inventory, have poor customer satisfaction, or not be reaching its target audience with marketing efforts. They will discuss every problem they spot with business owners.


Next, a business consultant will help you brainstorm possible solutions. For example, they may recommend buying cheaper inventory to save money. Consultants also have contacts, so they can refer you to top-of-the-line marketing agencies that are effective, ensuring that you don’t keep wasting money on marketing plans that don’t work.

Realistic Goals

Your consultant will work with you to ensure that you set goals for your business that you can complete. Then, they’ll help you develop a plan of action to ensure that goals are accomplished. These can include steps to improve customer experience, marketing efforts, and any other goals that will help your company succeed.

Financial Analysis

One of the most important aspects of this process is the complete financial analysis. Most consultants will visit this topic during the assessment and when finding solutions. However, if your organization is going broke, expect them to dive deeper into the topic. They can offer solutions and education on business finances to help you stay afloat.

Competitive Analysis

An important aspect of running a business is knowing the competition. Consultants will conduct a thorough analysis of the competition, and determine why they are beating you. For example, a company down the street may be selling the same products at a more affordable price. Knowing how the competition is winning can help you come up with ideas to give you a competitive edge that will help your business thrive.

A professional consultant has knowledge in every area necessary to successfully run an organization. Contact Activate Detroit today to learn how we can help your organization make an impact.