4 Ways to Harness the Power of Community Engagement

Any small business owner knows the importance of fostering a deep connection with the people they serve. Your business heavily relies on the trust you build with your community, and it’s vital that you make genuine outreach efforts with the tools available to you. Read here to learn about how apt usage of social media can help your business harness the power of community engagement.

1. Tell a Story

Posting on your business’s social media page is one of the most accessible methods of reaching out to the people in your town. Whether or not they’re intimately familiar with your company, fellow members of the community that come across your page want to know your business. Intentionally creating content that is personal, thoughtful, and genuinely interested in hearing from the people in your area goes a long way in building trust with your clients or customers.

Sharing stories about how you founded your business, your employee’s achievements, and your own efforts to give back to the community that brings you success are fundamental to carving out a meaningful digital presence. Enlisting the help of a community engagement company can really boost these efforts as well.

2. Utilizing Videos

Visual content is effective in capturing a user’s attention on social media. Adding the use of videos to your overall social strategy helps create a more immersive and intimate experience for customers or clients wanting to learn more about your company. Capturing the cherished qualities of your community in video form gives your business a level of approachability that provides others with comfort.

3. Focus on Bringing Valuable Content

As you mold your local digital presence, it’s crucial that you do not settle into exclusively creating fluff content. Posting tutorials, providing tips, and sharing special events your company is holding to benefit your community are all important. Contributing helpful info and resources to your community sets the precedent that your organization brings significant value.

4. Strengthen Recruitment Efforts

Furthermore, small businesses play a critical role in local economies. According to Forbes, around 80% of small businesses don’t have any employees. However, small businesses are responsible for employing about 61.7 million people. Using social media as a platform for recruiting people in your area is a no-brainer for fostering your organization’s relationship with your town.

If you’re a business owner looking to deepen your local connections and bring value to your customers, then consider enlisting the help of a community engagement company to provide effective solutions. Feel free to contact us at Activate Detroit to learn more!